Probably this is the last place on Earth, I expected to find a quaint little German town -Helen,  tucked away under the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of Georgia, oozing with Bavarian beauty! 🙂

I have no idea how Helen ended up as a German themed place up in the Northern Georgia but it deserves special mention because of the charm it holds. Helen is nestled in the southern Appalachian Mountains along the Chattahoochee river and is a thriving tourist attraction.wpid-img_20151119_131031.jpg

Frankly speaking…the drive from Atlanta to Helen was the most monotonous ride I had ever experienced. The view stretched on for miles without changing a tad bit. I had dozed off on the way for an hour just to wake up to the same view of unending green fields. It was like time had stopped or rather the car hadn’t moved a bit while I slept! 😛

To break the boredom and to stretch our legs we made a small stop near a farming house to buy the freshly boiled peanuts. We got a big pack of it just for 2$!! It was a steal but it tasted amazing. At least it kept our mouths busy while we patiently waited to arrive at Helen! 🙂IMG_20150703_173223

As we neared Helen…the landscape suddenly changed. There were rolling hills doting the horizon and little streams made their way through the green vistas.  Soon we could see lovely houses which looked like they had been picked directly from a Grimm’s fairy tale book!! 🙂
wpid-img_20150930_132153.jpgThe Chattahoochee river gurgled its way through the city of Helen while tubers lazily enjoyed their day floating on the river!

It was a small city but its vibrancy glistened from every corners.

As we entered the city we could see all sorts of shops lined around the street. Restaurants were strategically placed along the river and all the shops had a Disneyland feel to it. wpid-img_20150930_131820.jpg

It was fun to soak in the sun and walk around the super cute town. I will not deny to the fact that there wasn’t much to do apart from window shopping and enjoying the quaint German symbolism but the city had its way to make it to your heart!
IMG_20150703_171802What completed the beautiful Fairy tale city were these incredibly cute Horse Carriages!! It sure had a way of making you feel that you had stepped into the Cinderella world! All you would need is your prince charming to complete your story! 😉
wpid-img_20151119_125429.jpg Well…That’s something no city can ever guarantee…But this place had the best alternative to Prince Charming – “Chocolates“!!

Hansel and Gretel Candy kitchen had it all. I can’t forget the aroma that greeted us as we entered through its door – the sweet smell of molten chocolate!!😋😋


The place was lined with glass cabinets filled with chocolates, truffles, fudge, pastries, fruits dipped in chocolaty delight and what not!! It was like I had stepped into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory!! 😎

After spending almost an hour, I settled for fresh dipped strawberries coated with rich milk chocolate!! I have no words to describe the sweet delight…It melted in my mouth while the flavors lingered on!! 😍😍

wpid-img_20151119_130934.jpgWe spent our day leisurely walking around and checking out different shops. I personally liked the GlassBlowing shop. It was a small shop with lovely glass trinkets hanging all around the place. A live demonstration of glass blowing art was also in progress. I loved looking at the amazing glass works and very reasonably priced glass souvenirs which were beautifully arranged all around the shop.

Well…that’s all there is in this cute little touristy village. But what I really found remarkable was its history. There was no chance that I would leave this town without knowing how it came into existence!! 😛

This town resurrected itself from a complete decline from a logging village by becoming a replica of a Bavarian Alpine town. Now it is one of the most visited places in Georgia!! Isn’t that commendable!! 😉😉

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