Chasing the Winds of Fall – Big Fork,Mn

“And… just like that summer fell into fall!!”

The languid summer was taken over by crisp air and cool breeze and one could see leaves morphing into their fall splendor! The days became shorter and nights longer and cooler. This might be the last outdoor gasp before winter and an awesome autumn escapade was the need of the hour!! 😉

I had been tracking the fall calendar at Minnesota DNR website , more intently than a bloodhound, waiting for the colors change and reach the 75-100% mark. And one fine day…there it was…two small dots blinking red!! Peak Fall colors had arrived at the Itasca County. My weekend was planned. In a matter of minutes it was decided that I and my crazy color freaked group would go to  the “Scenic State Park”!! 🙂DSC_1800

There wasn’t much information about this place except for the fact that DNR website stated that this place provided breathtaking views. We had no clue what activities could be done there and places in and around that place. All we could do was place our trust on the unknown and embark on this journey to discover fall colors! 😛

It was a 4 hour drive from Minneapolis. As soon as we started to go further away from the city…we could see the panorama change drastically…We could see colorful tress scattered all around. The intensity of the color started to increase as we neared the park. We couldn’t wait till we reached the park to experience the vibrant hues. We were just 30 miles away from the park when we felt the deep urge to get out of the minivan…stretch our legs and breathe in the colors for real. 😉

DSC_1591We spotted a lake just by the highway called theTrout Lake…glowing in the sun and bright colors looking at us invitingly. As we stepped out of the car…cool fresh air greeted us. It was pretty cold out there with temperatures bordering 42 degrees. We couldn’t stay out for very long to enjoy the quietness of the lake but it was amazing to see the colors shimmering around the it. We hadn’t experienced the real array of colors yet…so shades of yellow dotted with green and orange appeared straight out of heaven for us! 😛

IMG_20151008_101520The highway looked more like an urban road with beautiful houses adjoining it…looking picturesque beneath a canopy of colorful trees.

As we entered the Scenic State Park…the view that hailed us…rendered us speechless! Everyone in our car started clicking pictures from the car window. Patience is a lovely virtue and none of us seemed to have it! 😛 DSC_1649It wasn’t like the colors were going to fade away in a minute but then again we were caught under its magical spell!! 😉

While all of us were busy capturing the colors…poor guy was the one behind the wheels doing all the chores from driving all the way to finding a perfect parking spot and also getting the State park Permit! 😉

After our car was parked over a lovely carpet of fallen leaves…we all decided to venture out in the woods and get drenched in the riot of colors! 🙂

IMG_20151004_133628The trail was ablaze with colors…the Maple trees glowed in lovely shades of orange and crimson while the Birch and the Aspen trees added a yellow hue.The fallen, dried leaves added a different acoustic feel to the place as it crackled under our feet.

I love to stand and stare at the Maple leaves. There is something about it that makes me go all nostalgic!! I still remember the time…it was 13 years back when my dad was travelling to Montreal for a conference. He had asked me what I wanted from there. Little did I know about Canada back then…but all I had asked from him was a Maple leaf!! 🙂 🙂 I have no recollection as to why I was so fascinated by it but till today I have that Maple leaf with me 🙂 I know it is hard to believe if I say that Maple leaves seem to connect with me at a psychic level and evokes happy memories but they do hold a special meaning in my life for sure!! 🙂IMG_20151003_162340 (1)

I started collecting different shades of Maple leaves as I made my way through the canopy of colored trees. Each shade looked more vibrant than the other…and soon I was holding 4 different shades – deep red, orange, yellow and a green one!! 🙂 🙂 And there I was walking over the brown dried ones 😉 Made me realize…Nothing lasts forever! 😦


Chase Point trail was a moderate hike trail and took us through wooded pine forest. There were loads of information boards lined around the trail displaying the details about the type of Pine trees in the vicinity. I had always categorized any conical spiked trees as Pines but it was enriching experience to know the exact species of Pine trees. Not that I can tell them apart even now!! 😛

IMG_20151008_100423The trail took us through a path which had the view of Coon lake on one side and Sandwick lake on the other. The view through the tress was astounding. In between the pine trees, we could spot the fiery fall colors lined around the lake. The wind was whipping lightly over it causing light ripples on the otherwise tranquil lake. The trail was through a hill…so we were looking at the lake from above. It looked so pristine and yet so majestic that we took the road not traveled by just to get soaked in its beauty! 😉 We had to go down the hill cautiously…holding onto the trees…making sure we got a view from the land and not make our way tumbling down to the calm waters instead! 😉


The ripples shimmered at the sun’s rays and made the lake come alive!! We really hadn’t thought it through that climbing up the hill wouldn’t be easy. The dried leaves and the sandy terrain made it more difficult to climb. Somehow we managed to find a spot that was less steep and made our way up.The end of the trail was marked by the point where two lakes became one! 😉 That was one hell of an ending to the long walk!! 😛

IMG_20151003_162205Scenic state park isn’t over crowded or jostling with people like many well loved parks but it is one of the most appealing ones for sure!

We were all famished after the 2 mile trek and soon all we could think of was food. Even though the walk around the virgin beauty was exhilarating but now more than fresh air we wanted something solid to soothe our stomach. We wanted to grab a bite and try canoeing at the lake but to our dismay…all the food joints were miles away. There was no way we could grab a bite and make it back before the park closure time!!


After all, all good things come to an end…and so did this color chase! As we made our way back to where we began…I looked back at the unpaved road lined with brightly colored trees and embraced the last wisp of autumn wonderland! 🙂

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