Washington D.C at night – A unique perspective!

Washington D.C – the name itself resonates power and glory. The city exemplifies a rich history and culture and can never fail to leave its mark on you. I always wanted to visit D.C and get drenched in its monumental legacy but when I did, all I had was just one night to explore the place! Truth be told, I haven’t seen the monuments shining in the bright light of the day, so I can’t really tell you which one is better, but what I saw was no less than a spectacle.

North Shore Drive – A Superior view!

Most road trips in Minnesota begin with Duluth as the prime destination!! It might sound crazy but Duluth is the place where the lovely North woods collide with the gigantic Lake Superior to create a dramatic story in the form of the North Shore Scenic Drive. The scenic drive has all the ingredients for a perfect weekend getaway. Not only is it only a 3 hour drive from Minneapolis, but the scene of the never ending coast, secluded woods and the small town vibe soothes your mind beyond words!! 🙂

The Vegas Variation!!

“What happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas!!”

Well…It doesn’t have to be that way as there is so much more to Vegas than its extravagant night life. casinos and gambling! I know it is hard to picture Vegas without the glitz and glamour of the casinos but if you can free yourself from the Sin-city spell, you will be surprised to see the other side of it.

Self Introspection…

Few years back,I was wondering about the essence of my life.I had then just completed my schooling and had just started stuffing my brain with engineering jargon.In a span of two years I would be having a job,earn money,live lavishly but was that what I actually wanted?This very thought flooded my mind with many questions, the answers to which didn’t seem to exist!!Those innocent dreams of my childhood days had been long forgotten and was instead adulterated with mundane things for the attainment of virtual happiness.