Self Introspection…

Few years back,I was wondering about the essence of my life.I had then just completed my schooling and had just started stuffing my brain with engineering jargon.In a span of two years I would be having a job,earn money,live lavishly but was that what I actually wanted?This very thought flooded my mind with many questions, the answers to which didn’t seem to exist!!Those innocent dreams of my childhood days had been long forgotten and was instead adulterated with mundane things for the attainment of virtual happiness.

I still remember that day vividly because when I looked at my reflection in the mirror I couldn’t recognize myself.I was a different person…I had neither been able to make any difference in anyone’s life nor been able to make my life an epitaph for others.What use was all these knowledge??I felt that I had reached a self brooding stage in my life where in I was feeling ashamed of myself and how selfish this world had turned me into!I didn’t have anyone else to blame for this sudden transformation in me,so I derived satisfaction by blaming the whole world…How sadisticof me!!
I was overcome by restlessness and pure disgust that I could feel a surge of determination to do something for the “greater good of the world” creeping through my veins.Had breaking an iron piece to hundred piece been a “greater good thing”,I might have ended up doing that then and there!Such was the strength of my determination.
At last I sat down to cool myself so that I could think more coherently when something(rather some one)caught my eyes.A small,short,dark,skinny and fragile looking girl of barely 10 years was leafing through a newspaper randomly.She was our maid’s youngest daughter.Our maid had five children.Three of her girls had been already married off and this fourth was next in line.She had paid huge dowry for her three daughters hoping that the money would appease their in-laws and her daughters would live happily.Sadly neither of them did and as I stared at this ‘little one’ I felt bad for her.My parents were funding the education of our maid’s youngest son but I was like-What about this poor one??My parents wanted that this little one too should be educated along with her younger brother but our dear maid was completely against this.For her it was ridiculous to teach a girl.I didn’t try thinking what she must be thinking of me and my parents as so many other thoughts were being processed in my brain simultaneously-“What if I taught this girl informally?””Will she be interested?””will she grasp?””What will her mother say?”.It was the second time that day that my mind was filled with too many questions but luckily this time I had an answer.I felt I ought to give it a try!

It has been two years now…She can read and write in English although she keeps forgetting and getting mixed up with few alphabets, but what pleases me is that she keeps trying.Although I never got to see her for more than two months in a year but she was patient and revised with whatever stuffs I left her with.This time when I went home my mom was telling me that ‘this little’ one was more excited to see me than her.I didn’t know what to make out of it so I just smiled.

Two months back I had returned from my home and had got busy with my life at hostel.Yesterday,I received a parcel from my mom.She had sent me apples by courier!I know she can get ridiculous sometimes but nevertheless it made me happy that someone cared for me from across 1000 miles.As I opened the parcel further,I found a small container filled with handmade laddoos which my mom told me later that they were made by this ‘little one’ especially for me because my mom couldn’t make them (because of her ill health) and she wouldn’t let my mom send the parcel with apples only!
I was overwhelmed by a strange emotion when I heard this…I didn’t know if I was successful in creating a difference in anyone’s life but this little one surely had made all the difference in mine!!

Published by suduhita

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta. Yes! I love travelling and I love penning down my experience as I travel. I am more like a passionate traveler…who travels at leisure! Ever since I was little...I loved the adventure that came with travelling. There was something enigmatic about discovering something alluring! The excitement of travelling kicked in me the spontaneity to pen down my experiences. Travel for me doesn't always mean a destination...Most of the times I love to notice the intricate things about the city I live in and explore its beauty in my own ways. But now I realized what's the point of accumulating my experiences if I can't share it with the world?!! So here are my escapades propped with loads of photographs to help you plan your next travel!!

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